Free Resources

At Fork and Bell Fitness, we recognize that supplements play a small yet impactful role in the puzzle.

However, they won't work unless you do!

So, we've included this page of resources for you. It is our sincere hope that you will use and benefit from them, whether you make a purchase from us or not. Our only request is that if you put them to use, come back and let us know at Good luck and happy training!  Click on the link below to download the program.

Ageless Muscle- 12 Week Transformation Program For Men Over 40

This program is based on the fundamental lifts that build muscle, enhance your metabolism and unlock the strength you had as a younger man.  But it does so in a way that allows you to stay safe and supple.  Gone are the days where you need to go for heavy one rep max PR's.  You're going to track your performance and look to improve it BUT do so in a manner that will leave you stronger rather than depleted.  Like the crafty veteran that you are, you'll no longer have to "brute force" your body into submission.  Instead, you'll coax it into greater and greater performances.  Download the program and get started today!


Ten Protein Shakes You Will ACTUALLY Like

For many, the process of transforming their bodies is derailed because they believe they have to eat boring bland food that doesn't taste good.  It doesn't have to be this way.  That's why we offering you ten protein shake recipes that are healthy, high in protein and actually taste good.  These recipes use either our chocolate whey protein or the salted caramel whey protein.  But, you don't have to use our stuff to enjoy these recipes.  Download the book today and don't let boring bland food stand between you and the body you want anymore.



This program is for the people that want a high level if fitness and capability but don't want to be tied to a gym.  Whether it's their garage, patio or a park nearby, kettlebell training allows you freedom to train that you can't find with traditional gym equipment.  Double kettlebell work allows you to build a level of strength that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but transfers to the real world as well.  Couple that with the fact that for many, kettlebells are more orthopedically forgiving and you have the perfect tool for the over 40 crowd that still wants a high level of fitness.  Download your free copy by clicking the link above.


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